“A professional player is what you are…not who you are”

By International Rugby Players

It’s not all champagne and limos for professional players and former Australian flanker Beau Robinson is living proof.

The blonde back-rower is as straight up in his interviews as he was with ball in hand and has no problem calling it like he sees it.

Winning one cap for the Wallabies along with claiming a Super Rugby title with the Queensland Reds, Beau now spends his time teaching businesses the key lessons from sport.

“In 2010, I found myself working as a Garbo (rubbish collector) in Sydney and the people that I thought cared about me, no longer were willing to help me. That sudden realisation was a bit of a shock age 23,” he told the Players Podcast. 


Beau, who played once for the Wallabies, also maintains that winning one cap for your country entitles you to nothing in life after Rugby. 

He has quite the story…check it out above or click here to listen back to all our podcasts on ITunes

International Rugby Players

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