Be Prepared: Make a Post-World Cup plan

By International Rugby Players

A new video released today is urging international players to make a plan for after the Rugby World Cup. 

Research shows that the period of transition following the aftermath of a high-stakes championship, such as a Rugby World Cup, can be difficult and Player Development Managers (PDMs) are encouraging players to prepare for the emotional and practical consequences of returning from the tournament, win, lose or draw.

Having a strong support network arounds them is also fundamental to managing the post-tournament blues. 

Lead PDM at Rugby Players Ireland, Dr. Deirdre Lyons says: “We recognise that players’ preparation for the post-Rugby World Cup period can often be inadequate.

“Our work with players on the ground backs this up and tells us that positive transitions are more likely when players make plans for their post-RWC phase and when they receive strong support from their family, teammates, as well using the support from staff within governing bodies and player associations.” 

The animated video shows (above) the unique challenges faced by former players, Conrad Smith (NZ) and Leonardo Ghiraldini (Italy) as well as Japan’s talisman Micheal Leitch after the pinnacle event. Smith describes how he booked a holiday straight after the 2011 Rugby World Cup to ensure he got a break from the pressures of the game, Ghiraldini travelled with his college-books as he studied economics and Leitch talked about the real drop-off he experienced following the 2015 tournament when his team shocked the world by beating the Springboks. 

Click here to view the video with Italian, Japanese and French subtitles >>>

International Rugby Players

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