Bortolami: “You have to look after the person first”

By International Rugby Players

With 111 international caps, Marco Bortolami is one of the true legends of Italian Rugby.

The former second row, who played his club rugby across Italy, France and England, was Italy’s youngest ever captain at just 22, scoring a famous intercept try against the All Blacks in his first match with the captain’s armband.

With strong views on how Italy can grow the game, Marco spoke to the Players Podcast about the challenges for the Italians, where they can go and the need for belief among players.

The current Treviso coach often talks to companies about what business can learn from Rugby, but warns that Rugby must learn from the mistakes of business. 

“The problem I see at the moment is that we are looking at sport as a business. It becomes a matter of money and winning and we don’t pay enough attention to all the little things that make us different to the others.

Culture, commitment, looking after people – this is what businesses look for in a sport like Rugby. 

“We have got to be careful not to create the same problems that businesses have had. Some expect professional players to always perform at 100%, but it doesn’t work that way. You got to look after the person first. I understand there are results pressures in every club – and that’s why you play the game – but how you deal with people will ultimately determine your success as a coach, businessman and a person. 

Bortolami also lists the toughest players he’s faced and the coaching tips he picked up in New Zealand in a wide-ranging interview.

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