Conference focuses on Player Transition

By International Rugby Players

Player Development Managers from across the game met in Amsterdam this week to discuss how best to support players, past and present.

The World Players Conference on Player Development focused on the many transitions that players face before, during and after their careers in the game.

The three day conference in The Netherlands was preceded by a meeting of global Player Development Managers (PDMs) in Rugby, facilitated by International Rugby Players.

“This was a great opportunity for PDMs to share best practice in the area of player transition,” said Rugby Players Ireland Senior PDM, Deirdre Lyons.

“The energy and passion in the room was evident as PDMs discussed how we can best support our current and past players, as well as each other. ”

“The education of players is crucial if they are to thrive in what is a unique professional environment. Induction programmes and camps are a great way to highlight some of the issues Academy players face. They put the first building blocks in place, equipping them with skills required for the future, whether that lies in rugby or not.”

“Understanding who you are – not just as a player, but as a person, is one of the main goals of our Player Development Programmes. Helping players to uncover their values, strengths, motivators and passions allows them to maximise the opportunities they have open to them as professional athletes,” said Lyons.

Player Development Managers from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, England, France and the Pacific Islands were represented.

“Regardless of the time and effort players have spent developing their post-rugby options, there will undoubtedly be a point where they go through an emotional rollercoaster,” added Lyons.

“Player Associations support and assist players on that journey.”

“Relocation to another country is a common transition amongst rugby players, particularly those from the Pacific Islands and Australia. Having close cooperation and collaboration between Player Associations can make that relocation easier for players, and their families.”

International Rugby Players would like to thank our friends at FiFPro for hosting us in Amsterdam this week and World Players for bringing Player Development Managers from across sport together for a tremedous learning and knowledge-sharing experience.

International Rugby Players

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