Global Season: “Clubs & unions must work together”

By International Rugby Players

International Rugby Players has urged clubs and unions to fully collaborate in order to achieve a global season that works for all.

The global players body has been working closely with key stakeholders in the game to find a solution to the issue, last year issuing a list of key principles that outlined minimum conditions for any future tournament.

International Rugby Players CEO Omar Hassanein said: “We note today’s statement to retain the existing July and November windows.  

“As discussions move forward in a timely manner, we will continue to stress the importance of travel, load and recovery factors for players.

“But, to ensure that a real solution is found which works for everyone, we need clubs, unions, governing bodies and tournament organisers to set aside any historic differences and make decisions based solely on the betterment of our game. 

“With all sides working together, I am confident that we will find a long term model that works for players and fans alike, increases broadcast interest, boosts the financial position of the game and strategically grows emerging nations.”

International Rugby Players

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