International Rugby Players Council to meet next week

By International Rugby Players

The International Rugby Players Council is to meet again next week to further discuss any proposed global tournament, as well as plans to ensure a more meaningful and effective engagement with World Rugby.

International Rugby Players CEO Omar Hassanein said: “Our players are incredibly passionate about having their voices heard, not just in relation to the proposed international season, but in respect of all player issues that impact the men’s, women’s, 15s and 7s game.

“We have an agreement with World Rugby which requires meaningful engagement on key player welfare issues, however, too often information fails to be provided in a manner that allows players to realistically influence the outcome.

“For the benefit of our game and to ensure we avoid situations where players feel they have to take a public stand, the relationship with World Rugby and the basis upon which we interact on key issues needs to be a lot more meaningful and effective. This will be central to our discussions when we meet as a team next week,” said Hassanein.

Ahead of this meeting, International Rugby Players  will meet with World Rugby on Monday to discuss the relationship with the governing body as well as the specific issues raised by leading players last week.

International Rugby Players

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