Players in USA demand better from MLR

By International Rugby Players

Players in the United States have called on Major League Rugby (MLR) bosses to sit down with their players association around “significant concerns” with league expansion.

The MLR has proposed a new draft that could see players move to new US cities, which was introduced without consultation with the United States Rugby Players Association (USRPA).

The player’s body has also called on MLR to engage with them to negotiate a Collective Bargaining Agreement to help avert issues in the future. 

International Rugby Players has been working with the USRPA on this and other issues in recent months and Head of Player Welfare, Conrad Smith, said the problems were being discussed at a global level.

“We are assisting USRPA with this unacceptable situation.”

“In recent weeks we’ve seen a considerable amount of player welfare problems coming from the MLR
and we have been in ongoing discussions with World Rugby regarding the issues.”

Since then, USRPA has put a proposal to league bosses (see below)

International Rugby Players

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