Players get a say in Tonga’s future

By International Rugby Players

A new deal will see players have their in the future of Tongan Rugby.

The agreement will see a Joint Management Committee representing World Rugby, the Tonga Rugby Union and the Tonga Government set up with input from Pacific Rugby Players.

The agreement will see new governance structures developed and close monitoring of decision making in the Union. 

It comes after Tonga’s funding was cut earlier this year due to governance and administrative concerns,  legal matters and a lack of appropriately audited financial statements.

PRP Chairman, and former Tongan forward, Hale T Pole, said: “We have worked hard for many months alongside World Rugby, TRU and the Tongan Government to keep players interests at the forefront while we find solutions.

“PRP being part of the Joint Management Committee is a significant step for the players and we will play our part in shaping a positive next chapter for Tonga rugby.”

The agreement will ensure governance and operating structures will be developed, objectives and activities will be closely monitored, a new CEO will be appointed and a roadmap for the union and its high performance programme will be put in place until 31 December, 2024.

    International Rugby Players

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