Podcast: Can Union learn from League?

By International Rugby Players

Rugby League often battles Rugby Union in Australia for audience and fans, TV ratings, sponsorship and newspaper column inches in one of the most competitive sporting markets in the world.

In Episode 7 of the Players Podcast, we speak to Ian Prendergast, CEO of the Rugby League Players Association.

League in Australia is often on the front pages as much as the back pages and so we chatted to Ian – a former AFL player – about the challenges faced by his Players Association, the growth of the International game in League, what Union can learn from League…and vice versa.

We started by asking Ian about his background, how he became one of the leading voices in League and built up their Players Association.

Their website is rlpa.com.au for more information about what they do and remember to check out rugbyplayers.org for more on all our podcasts!

Listen above, on iTunes here or click here to listen on Soundcloud. 

International Rugby Players

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