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By International Rugby Players

If a picture speaks a thousand words, INPHO’s Dan Sheridan has told millions of stories.

One of the world’s top rugby photographers, he has travelled the globe with Ireland and the British and Irish Lions, capturing some of the classic moments in the modern game.  

The affable Dubliner, who was brought into the job by INPHO boss Billy Stickland, has built a camaraderie and rapport with some of the top names in the game, allowing him the best access behind the scenes to capture the candid realities of modern day professionalism. 

Dan won an award for the above photo, taken in the dressing room after a match on the 2017 British and Irish Lions Tour in New Zealand, featuring four energy-sapped forwards. 

“Even though they won, the (players) are wrecked. They wouldn’t want just anyone coming in taking a picture of them. I’m hiding under tables, behind bins…I’m not in their face and that’s the key. When you understand that and can get that relationship, you can get phenomenal things. 

“To show that they don’t mind that, they all messaged me after that award, congratulating me. For me that is the prize – to get praise from people like that is what’s it’s all about for me.”

As well as Rugby World Cups and Olympic Games, Dan covered Lions Tours in 2009, 2013 and 2017.

“There was a great image from the 2009 Tour with Drico (Brian O’Driscoll) and a little girl in a township. He’s brilliant with kids and brilliant with interaction; I’ve never seen a more professional person the way he does that. He doesn’t shy away…he soaks it in.

“There were loads of photographers around, because he’s Brian O’Driscoll of course, and I sat back and watched it. When they dispersed to other players, I asked him to put this little girl up on his shoulders. You should have seen the light in her eyes…they just lit-up. She put her hands and feet out over his shoulders – it’s one of my favourite pictures from the 2009 Lions Tour.

In the fifth episode of the Players Podcast Dan speaks passionately about the business of sports photography. It’s a must-listen for players, fans and budding photographers everywhere. Check it out above or click here to listen back to all our podcasts on ITunes


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