Why we play the game

By International Rugby Players

It starts with why.

Why do we play the game of rugby? Why do players get out of bed in the morning and put themselves through hell for the sport? Why do they give up so much, sacrifice so much, put their bodies on the line, chase goals and opportunities? 

There are various reasons but for many, it’s family, friends and faith.

Loved ones who occupy our world. Those who have passed. Many choose to express their reasons by writing names and symbols on their wrist strapping, so that when things get tough out on the pitch, it reminds them who and what drives them.

It gives players that extra motivation which can help push them that little bit further. 

This week, we’re looking at how it plays a part in our great game. From 15s and Sevens, men’s and women’s game, we look at #whyweplay

England’s Jack Nowell writes his daughter’s name, Nori, on his left wrist before each match. 

“It changed the whole reason why I play rugby. Not for myself or anyone else but for her, to give her the best life I can. You will have some tough moments through a game, whether through mistakes or if things aren’t going your way, but this gives me that reset moment and a little reminder.”

Australia’s Samu Kerevi says faith and his Fijian roots are what motivate him when the going gets tough.

He says: “It’s all about my why. When times get hard, I look down at my wrists and it’s a constant reminder of why I push my body to the limit.

“It’s pretty important to me, that’s why I write it down.”


Fiji’s Jerry Tuwai said God and Family are represented on strapping when his team take to the pitch:

England’s Alex Davis spoke open and honestly about the three letters he writes on his wrist before every match:

International Rugby Players

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