World Players boss: “Sport is on the cusp of fundamental change”

By International Rugby Players

Episode 12 of the Players Podcast speaks to the Head of World Players, Brendan Schwab.

The World Players Association is a group that advocates for the rights of players and athletes in sports globally and brings sports together to learn from one another.

Brendan, an Australian lawyer who is passionate about Players Rights, previously worked with the international football players union (FifPro) and is now taking on the challenge of everything from the rights of athletes to challenge governing bodies, the “old fashioned” International Olympic Committee, WADA and anti-doping issues and the recent “Save Hakeem” campaign to rescue a football player from detention in a foreign country.

On the subject of governing bodies and increasing calls for players and athletes to have a stronger voice, Schwab says the dynamic is shifting.

“I think we’re on the cusp of a fundamental change.”

“For the last few decades sport has been run as a global pyramid where the international federation sits at the top and has the capacity to impose rules throughout the world.

“But what we’ve seen is that that system has promoted corruption, it’s promoted abuse and caused harm. Therefore it has seriously brought into question the good name of sport.

“That system, I think, is being replaced by a system that is based on legitimacy and value,” said Schwab.

A fascinating discussion and a must-listen for anyone interested in players’ rights and the global business of sport!

Check out the podcast above or listen to more episodes of the Players Podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud and find out more about the World Players Association here.

International Rugby Players

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